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When my clients returned to Whirlow after five years abroad, they had a vision that would transform their beautiful new home into something truly spectacular. After much research, they hired our services to turn their dream design into a reality. The results, we’re sure you’ll agree, are breathtaking.


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The client is an established letting agent who is currently operating from the upper floors of their current location. The brief was to relocate to a deceptively large ground floor and create a contemporary and unique rebranding/refurbishment scheme for this tired looking business.


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Larger Home Extensions: Neighbour Consultation Scheme

Jun 11, 2013

Permitted development laws have been relaxed for single storey rear house extensions. All homeowners must follow the Neighbours Consultation Scheme before they can proceed with their house extension, whether they wish to build up to 6 metres deep for terraced and semi-detached houses, or 8 metres deep for detached houses.

Some hot news was introduced by the government late last month regarding Permitted Development for single storey domestic house extensions. Many of you may know that there has been some talks on laws being relaxed for home extensions. As of 9th May 2013, homeowners may be able to extend their home by 6 metres (previously 3 metres) at the rear for terraced and semi-detached houses and 8 metres (previously 4 metres) at the rear for detached houses. Please remember, this is for single storey extensions only.

The legislation has been introduced for a three year period only from 30th May 2013 to 30th May 2016, which is there to help homeowners increase their living accommodation without the need to go through the full planning application process. However, hoomeowners cannot just go ahead and build such extensions. The proposal must go through a consultation process with the local authority. This means the homeowner wishing to build a larger single storey rear extension must notify the local planning authority and provide:

  • a written description of the proposal with all key dimensions, such as depth, the height of the eaves, and the overall height of the extension at the highest point.
  • a plan of the site showing the porposed development.
  • the addressed of the adjoining neighbours, including the rear.
  • a contact address for the developer and an email addres if the developer is happy to receive correspondence via email.

Although you have to go through this proces, there is not fee payable for homeowners for the local authority as ultimately, the consultation procedure is only to ensure that neighbours will not be adversely affected by the development. Also, the determiantion period for this consultation is no more than 42 days so the process is much quicker than the timescales for full planning applciations which is 8 weeks in total.

Remember, this legislation has only been introduced for three years so if you are looking to extend your home, make the most of it as your extension must be completed on or before 30th May 2016, where the permitted development laws would revert back to 3 metres depth for terraced and semi-detached houses, and 4 metres depth for detached houses.

NADA Architects can help with this process so if you need to discuss your project in Sheffield or Manchester and would like to benefit from this new leguslation, feel free to give us a call. We would be delighted to help.



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